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William Garrido has been involved in the training of working dogs since his introduction to dog training back in 2009. He very quickly learned through hands on experience by working for two companies after his 6 month stay at police dog training school (USK9), eventually spending 1.5 years overseas as trainer in charge of maintaining the training and certifications of multiple explosive detection teams in the Eastern and Western region of Afghanistan. Later William furthered his education by attending Starmark Academy School for Dog Trainers, eventually being hired as the head instructor for the school for 7 years. In addition, William is a PSA competitor and certified trial decoy, has been running a successful PSA protection club for a few years, authored 4 books and has trained thousands of dogs in areas ranging from pet obedience, service dogs, to protection training and more.


Elizabeth Garrido has been the glue that held the business together since the launch of the first dog training business and social media platforms. As the person behind the camera for many years and assisting William in the training of many dogs, Elizabeth was fully immersed and introduced to Sport training after acquiring her first competition dog Grimm, an unplanned addition to the Garrido family. Although she passed away unexpectedly, "Grimmie" lit a fire in Elizabeth's eyes and planted the love for the sport. Elizabeth is still active in PSA and is Will's first choice as trainer and handler.

Will & Puppy
Liz Grimm